Interlude 5

I tell you, everybody is in the same mess, I'm telling you. We all are. I know that. I will be the first to tell you, you know. I'm a mess, and God is dealing with me everyday. Everytday I'm trying to learn how I could be less of a mess. He showed me, you know, he showed me, look Lauryn, you know, you're in a problem. Ok? I'm gonna show you're causing the problem, and now I want you to be the solution. And that's what all these songs are about. This problem, cause, solution. Free your mind. You know?

We all think that the Gospel is joy in church building and thats deception, the real gospel is repel, let go of all that craps thats killing you, life is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, not this torment. And when i realized I was tormenting myself with my lust, it wasant things I needed, it was just all theese security blankets, the more I adquire I became more of a prissioner, 40 people on staff, and you can’t do nothing, and now creativity is impossible because all you can think about is all these folks you’re supporting and carrying, It’s not good you know?!

A friend of mine says, every tub has to stand in its own bottom. In that respect we all get to do what our passion is. That what’s prassing God is all about, doing your passion, it’s not useless, worthless rituals, monotonos rituals that we show up and can’t wait to see the game, It’s doing you passion fufilling your passion. That’s how we’re thankfull, that’s how we apreciate the opportunity to be alive. And I’m glad I dont have to slave anymore, coz music was my love, and because of everything that had to acompany my music it became my burden, it just got stollen from essence, and I said “what Is this? How did this thing that I love so much so fast and so easily turn into something I hate?” So know I understand that it was because I was mesurering myself or trying to compare myself to a standard that wasan’t reality, that wasant the standard at all. Theres an inscription in the bible that says “we compare ourselfs among ourselfs”. That’s not the standard, you already are the standard, why are you trying to fit into “a standard” for? We were each created to be individual standards and we’re trying to fit into “a standard”, that doesn’t make any sence. So now, after all that, I’m just ready to be me. And it’s a lot to work trought, coz we all have hidden in theese little boxes parts of ourselfs that we weren’t happy about, that we didnt love because we didn’t understand, ‘coz there is all this social doctrin that says the the infinte God with all His expression, who created every single one of us absolutely different, on purpose, wants everyone to fit into the same suit. And that’s deception.

We went in florida this weekend, and we took the kids to Disneyworld, and the gave us the tour, so they’ve escorted up trought the back. And when they escorted us to the back we got to see how there were all this people working real hard, and it was real dirty back there, and of course, in the front it was all imaculately clean, and I said… you know, people need to see the reality, people need to see how theese people slave to maintin this illusion, it felt like my life! If people only knew what it was, a bunch of musicians bustin’ their ass working all hard to make it look easy, what’s the point ?! “Ohhh I just threw this together!” I mean… you know! Slaving to act like “I wake up like this” and none of us do! And reality is good, coz everybody can exhale, let your belly out, and chill. And people get mad at me when I say “Hey lets stop frotin’. That’s the blessing! Now we can go around looking at each other saying “Ohhh you got one to?” AND BE FREE!

We want to defend a curse, I tell you… and that’s not fun, did it for a long time, too long

One time it came to me, I was just told very concretely, that voice, the right one said to me, “Hey Lauryn, the real you is more interesting then the fake somebody else, I just want you to know that”. Coz we all thought that we could get reality, just by putting on the clothes and wearing the face, and looking hard in the videos, reality is what I’ve always talked to my husband, we look at Bob Marley and say “Okay, lets just grow locks, wear the clothes have the band, and we have no ideia of how many years of struggle and pain and suffering that made that content, You know what I’m saying? You cant get it from the outside in, truth is from the inside out and the way we’ve been trying to heel and be heeld with this topical, surface, superficial, temporary solution. I’m teeling you, true healing is from the inside out, we’ve been told to protect our outher man while our inner man is dying.


God gave us a brand new relationship, one in truth! You know we date people, lets say we’re interesting in somebody and we put on the perfume, and dress up, and do things that we will never ever ever do again, and that’s why so many mariage end in divorce, coz people wake up next to a stranger and say “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THIS BED? WHERE IS THE MAN THAT USED TO DO Hum And Humm and Humm” And I say just give them reality from the door, coz you going to atrack love and the one the really loves YOU! And you dont have to predent and falsify and keep that posture (…) and you know it’s soo wonderfull to finally find, and trust me it’s a work, its not something that happens over night.

We all have to be introduced to each other, I know I’m up here and Lauryn Hill you came to see Lauryn Hill, but this is the first time you meet me, dont think you’ve met me before, and as I grow you’re goint to meet me a little bit more, you’re going to be exposed to the real me a little bit more. I had to re-intruduce myself to everybody I know, my mother my father. Ya’ll never knew me! I want to intruduce you to me, and I’m just getting to know me! And you know what? Everything that’s not growing is dead, so we better be changing! People would say to me, they would hold me hostage, emocionaly hostage, they’d say “Shes changing, the money is changing her” and I’d say “Hey listen the money isn’t changing me, God is changing me” I’m changing coz thats a natural part of life.

We’re all supposed to change, who wakes up and is the the same way tomorrow and the day after that? Nobody is, let the experience teach you, and be real! And there’s gonna be warfare, coz some people prefer deception, they’ll say, “I dont like this new expression” and I’ll say “What you want 2/3 of me to stay outside?” I’m a whole person, you cant say “two thirds of Lauryn come in here, only two thirds is acceptable” I’m a whole person. And that’s every person, we all talk about spiritual warfare and didn’t realise it’s within relationships, it’s emotional warfare, beeing able to tell the people we love the most, the truth about ourselfs, and when they say “That doesn’t fit into our box for you” we say “well, I aint in no box, dont try to put me into one”.

Words of wisdom, por Lauryn Hill no album "MTV Unplugged 2.0" na faixa "Interlude 5"
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