It takes approximately 500 lbs to crush a human skull. But the human emotion is a much more delicate thing. Take Suzy, my first real girl friend. My first real break-up, happening right in front of me. I never thought it was going to be similar to a car crash. I've slammed the breaks, and I'm skidding toward an emotional impact. So, is this all my fault? Me, Ben Willis. It's funny what goes through your mind at a time like this. The two and a half years we spent together. The promises we made. The holidays we took with her parents. The lamp we bought at IKEA together. It was my final year at art college. And in the weeks that followed the break-up, I tried to figure out what went wrong. Why did we break-up? It's funny, but when I think back now, the reasons seem so small. One day she's with me and she's saying I love you, and the next week she's with someone else, probably saying the same thing. So did she really love me? What is love, anyway? And is it really that fleeting?
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