4000 from home, 40 from you.

Your hair is still everywhere, like the song. Found a few tenasiously holding on to the comforter, the pillows and those little blue blankets we used as drapes in our apartment in D.C., yeah, still sleeping in our covers, I guess I'm trying hard to hold on myself. Had another one on me after I wore that red jacket you've always hated. Everytime I find one, it still makes me smile. There were also twenty pence forgotten in the left pocket from the last time I was in London, the last time I was with you, the last time we were togehter and I would "wash away your fortune on Cokes". It made me smile too. Later I saw your doppelgänger at a bar dressed as Getty from your beloved Golden Girls. Thought it was you at first and my heart stopped, afterwards it raced trying to catch up. She was with some guy, they kissed. That made me cry. Before all this, no matter how far we were, you were never far from my mind. Now that I'm here, regardless of how distant we became, not only are you still never far from my mind, we're also never far appart. Hoped it would make a difference. It didn't, didn't change a thing, didn't bring us any closer, the harm was already done, and my only accomplishment, was ending up as far from home, as of being over you.
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